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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This post was started in 2008 and worked on in 2009-2010)

Empty Space - Part Two

I want to first thank you for digging deeper via my blog . Welcome to the Phillips Phenomenology Blog. As you can see, this is just the fourth posting here -- but -- as you can read from the first few posts -- nothing could be heavier than what this blog strives to describe. And that, is the - phenomenology of reality as presented to a singular, individual, space - like a human.

Indeed, as humans, and indeed, as the seemingly most aware species on the planet, in our solar system, and perhaps within 4.5 light years or so - we are uniquely positioned to comment about `things' - including, consciousness, space and duration. And, as you are well aware, our species have numerous scientific theories that explain nearly all space and all time back to fractions of a moment after this universe's creation. Some of the theories are amazingly consistent and elegant and some would say - even beautiful.

Indeed, as the fullness of this blog slowly continues - I would hope the words consistent, elegant, and beautiful can even be applied to this theory of phenomenology that I will be articulating. As you know if you read posts one and two -- the Phillips Phenomenology -- is literally `inspired from elsewhen/elsewhere' in altered states -- and, as I have already described ... nearly ghost written would be an accurate description as to how the fundamentals came into my thought in the 1970's.

So, in this posting - the subject matter will once again will be - `space'. Or more accurately, spaces. It really would be worthwhile to first off read `Empty Space' on my `heavy stuff ' website - then return.

Thanks. ----------- Ok ---------- Ready for more phenomenology?

To summarize the above Heavy Stuff part one article -- the universe is huge -- but within that hugeness -- matter -- specifically, the `space' of matter (atoms and sub-atomic particles) --- is amazingly scarce. And, when you consider how `instantly fleetingly' that moment of space has to `actualize within' --- the whole shabang of reality begins to -- well -- literally, .......... disappear.

It appears-or shows, literally, that `the creation' - or actualization of - of the specific space-time (duration) literally is made of nearly nothing at all - much as has been speculated by physicist Julian Barbour in this theories that `time doesn't exist' -- and, yet, `it' - the `creative/created flux' seems to be, literally, `everything' (every space and its embedded trajectory) to a singular self-aware consciousness.`

And, to that dichotomy, we bring the Phillips Phenomenology.

As I began to articulate in The Heavy Stuff blog post - perhaps EVERYTHING - is a space. INCLUDING spaces transformation into a space-like `thing' we call `our reality' (and our `time'). Indeed, if phenomenology shows that `time' is more space-like than ever considered before - perhaps `time' in essence doesn't `exist' - and Julian Barbour is right. But, we are many caveats from that using this phenomenology - because the Phillips Phenomenology has a definition for `time' (as we know it) - but - admits - it may be and probably is - nothing more than a negation of the preceding `space'.

All of this phenomenology begs for a genesis - and one will be speculated upon - probably, ultimately, in various formulations - and no genesis may come forth from this particular post. But, importantly, the words that the Phillips Phenomenology associates with space, time, and reality - do have a grounding and a fairly `seeable' structure - regardless of the genesis -- literally at the very beginning of the space-time of our reality.

But - back to the subject of this post ------ Empty Space (part two) --- and the phases or phenomenology of `space' for a singular observer, like a human. And, it's important to know that the phenomenology `begins' by `slicing' the space and time of `matter' to its `ultimate fractional form' - the fraction of actualization of a space.

For a human, book, tree, computer, - for anything with a shaped space composed of atoms and subatomic matter - that `infinitesimal duration' of `now' - the present - ONLY exists for the actual space itself. Nothing of the `original space' exists at all - within the `perception it - the space - creates - for `other spaces'. By the `time' a `space' has `light' bounce off of it - so that it can be represented to other spaces (which because they are not the reflecting space -- are a `timeframe' away) that particular `space' has `run off' - becoming a `space/time-like' representation for other spaces with awareness.

Indeed, it is important to realize that in `perceptual reality' - none of the spaces - none of the supposedly `solid matter' - is actually within perceptual reality. None of it at all - all of `it' has `run-off' into `another reality of phenomenology' - the `timelike' representation of that space for others to experience. Indeed, a totally `empty space' at this point as far as to `real mass'.

The Empty Space Of -The Not-Able-To-Not-Be --------- that everyone of us call -reality.

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