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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What Is Not Able To Not Be; IS
These are the opening words which best describe one of the key ideas of a phenomenology that came to me in altered consciousness states in the 1970's. The phrase is one of several that underpins a description of reality that may indeed be `esoteric' or, who knows, perhaps pure manure to your perceptions.
The mental inquiry began with the most profound of questions -- How could time have ever begun? Eventually, via altered consciousness states, an `answer' was forthcoming -- 'the limitation of space, gives time'. Hey, now I had both The Question and The Answer -- or so I thought. Instead, pages flowed from the mind to the hand to the pencil; with words and concepts I had never ever considered -- or encountered.
Little did I know that I was writing, at the age of 23 and 24, an actual structure of a phenomenology --- a concept totally alien to my brain.
The altered states indicated to me that space itself --- matter --- actually was not able to be. I know that may seem flippy at first read. But, think about it. Matter; ie:space; for a `given moment' ---- is NOT able to be ---- anywhere else, anything else, and by even `existing at all' - can never happen again. That moment, that space, IS, not-able-to-be.
That concept, NOT-ABLE-TO-BE is what space, ACTUALLY IS. Space itself (as the component of Space/Time) only occurs as a concept. And, that concept REPRESENTS THE WORDS ----- NOT ABLE TO BE. Every moment, of every `space' --- is NOT ABLE TO BE. It evidently is the `idea' represented by `space'.