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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What Is Not Able To Not Be; IS
These are the opening words which best describe one of the key ideas of a phenomenology that came to me in altered consciousness states in the 1970's. The phrase is one of several that underpins a description of reality that may indeed be `esoteric' or, who knows, perhaps pure manure to your perceptions.
The mental inquiry began with the most profound of questions -- How could time have ever begun? Eventually, via altered consciousness states, an `answer' was forthcoming -- 'the limitation of space, gives time'. Hey, now I had both The Question and The Answer -- or so I thought. Instead, pages flowed from the mind to the hand to the pencil; with words and concepts I had never ever considered -- or encountered.
Little did I know that I was writing, at the age of 23 and 24, an actual structure of a phenomenology --- a concept totally alien to my brain.
The altered states indicated to me that space itself --- matter --- actually was not able to be. I know that may seem flippy at first read. But, think about it. Matter; ie:space; for a `given moment' ---- is NOT able to be ---- anywhere else, anything else, and by even `existing at all' - can never happen again. That moment, that space, IS, not-able-to-be.
That concept, NOT-ABLE-TO-BE is what space, ACTUALLY IS. Space itself (as the component of Space/Time) only occurs as a concept. And, that concept REPRESENTS THE WORDS ----- NOT ABLE TO BE. Every moment, of every `space' --- is NOT ABLE TO BE. It evidently is the `idea' represented by `space'.


ANAND BHAT said...

Heres my view as to what exactly is the genesis of space-time... i believe that reality and the byproducts of it like the concepts of space-time fabrics , super strings and branes are all constantly evolving into higher and higher states of being. now we all know that the entropy of the universe is ever increasing. therefore the disorderliness of any arrangements in the plethora of universes we currently perceive as a reality is ever increasing.
now logically one would see this as a regression or a negative development however if one were to achieve a state of total disorderliness one would arrive eventually at perfect uniformity and symmetry... its somewhat like the "gravity can repel" argument.. now when that state is achieved , that state of a nothingness or a gloriously empty void we achieve the perfection our forefathers named salvation , nirvana, among other the ultimate question would be as to what or who created and maintained this process that i believe is never ending and that never began in the first place... i believe the answer to that would be our universal consciousness that is one single entity that manifests itself in so many different ways ... that one and only consciousness that governs itself. in conclusion i believe that we are all part of one and only one grand perpetual cycle that never had a genesis or a beginning and will never have an end. the universe has no full stops only ellipsises...

m4ever said...

I like your viewpoint of reality. Thanks for contributing.